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Welcome to Halal Certification Services

Who We Are

Halal Certification Services is an organization with years of experience in the certification business. We are trained professionals in the fields of Food Technology, Halal Certification Processes, Chemical Compounds and Process Engineering. We have retained qualified individuals for our guidance in providing the most practical Halal Compliance for your business

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate provisioning of halal products to our global consumers. We adhere to a stringent certification process for all food and other non-nutritional products. We have also made our mission to educate consumers and suppliers about the halal industry.


Halal Certification Services “HCS” has put together an intuitive and easy to follow process of evaluation. Our “Application for Certification” is easy to complete and provides us insight into your operation and ingredients used. More details and application form available under “Get Certified”.

Inspection :

An inspection is scheduled after the initial evaluation is complete. After the onsite inspection and the subsequent due diligence; a decision is made about issuing a certificate for the applied product. Please see more details under “Get Certified”.


Upon successful inspection and due diligence, the applicant is issued a certificate to label their product “Halal”. The continuity of the license and use of the Halal label is subject to annual inspections. Please see more details under “Get Certified”.


Meat Industry

HCS provide their expertise in consulting and certification of your meat plant operation. We also provide certification for product produced on an ongoing basis.

Health and Beauty

There are many aspects to the health and beauty industry when it comes to certifying them for Halal markets. Please contact us via completing the application to discuss this further.

food and edible

We Reviews your production processes and carefully looks at all the ingredients' sources that makeup the food being produced. A thorough due diligence results in stringent certification.


HCS provides certification for the Pharmaceuticals Industry also. Please contact us here or our website (via Phone, Contact Form or Live Chat) to discuss your certification needs.


HCS provides certification options for the Nutraceuticals industry. We also provide consulting for the industry to get ready for Halal Certification. Please contact to discuss your certification needs.

Other Consumables

For any items not listed above please contact us to discuss Halal requirements for your product. Please chat with us to discuss further.