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Block Chain Affiliation

We truly believe in the process of providing our consumers with the best possible information when it comes to halal products. Our certification processes are stringent and the foods that we certify carry our seal that the consumers can rely on.

As a consumer of Halal products, we understand you may have questions about the claims that certifying agencies make claiming the products to be halal. HSC is devising a system of reporting and maintaining the halal certificates thru the process of block chaining to ensure that all parties involved in the process of certifying are participating into that shared distributed database and making sure that this information is available to our consumers unaltered.

This added blockchain surety that we provide to our consumers is lacking in the industry where all certifying bodies work in silos and the information if shared is non-standardized. Our blockchain link can be accessed here http://HalalChaining.com

This blockchain is being actively worked upon and once online you will be able to track licenses/certificates for all products that are certified. This database would also link any downstream and upstream products that are certified along the way and if their certificates are current.

HalalChaining.com is asking other certifying bodies to join them in completing the certificate chains on all products and their pertinent ingredients that also require certification.

With approximately 2 billion consumers worldwide we want to make sure that the products that are sent overseas for consumption can be backtracked to verify their halal sources in the most transparent and reliable way as possible. When shopping for Halal products, look for the following HCS Halal logos.