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Benefits of Certification for Suppliers

Halal Certification Services “HCS” has determined there is a growing need worldwide for US products and consumers overseas are ready to pay a premium prices for Halal products. Muslim governments want certified Halal complied products before they can be sold.

By meeting Halal certification requirements, your company will have access to over 7 million Halal consumers in the USA and more than 1.8 billion consumers internationally.

HCS provides a good blend of scientific techniques, process controls and religious guidelines to provide certification that is acceptable to the consumers. With an on-board process engineer we have streamlined our certification processes. Our processes are easy to follow, exhibit clear guidelines and outcomes.

If your organization has questions about the ingredients that your product contain and want to skim through the list of ingredients for a preliminary check, please go ahead and request us the ingredient list that is considered permissible and non-permissible for halal certification. Reach out to us via the chat window or just drop us an email via the Contact Us page.