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What Is Halal?

"Halal" is an Arabic word that means "permissible". The Islamic resources provide thorough guidelines on what is considered permissible or “Halal” and what is considered forbidden or "Haram". There are several items that are questionable or “Mashbooh”. All Mashbooh items are to be investigated for their sources to make sure the sources are only using permitted items for their products. Any product that is not using a halal source cannot be certified as halal.

As a consumer it is very hard for you to decipher all the technical terminology and come to a buying decision on your own. The certification process provides the consumer like yourself confidence to purchase the certified product without spending too much time trying to decipher the ingredients on your own. Additionally, there are ingredients that are not even listed and are can to be omitted from list under the recipe copyright laws. HCS not only look at the listed ingredients, but as part of our certification process also review the non-listed items to protect our consumers.

The word "zabihah" is a specific Arabic word that means "slaughtered". It is derived from the Arabic word “Thabih” which means "slaughter". In some languages this word is pronounced “zabih” and therefore the term “zabihah”.

The term Halal provided the bigger umbrella on what is permissible and what is forbidden. The term Zabihah defines the process process by which “permissible” animals are to be slaughtered.